Training Services

Various workshops relating to accessibility needs for people with cognitive disabilities.

A.    Exposure Workshops - workshops that expose participants to the field of accessibility, legislation and issues in the field of cognitive accessibility, linguistic accessibility, simplifying procedures, and information and intuitive design.

B.    Introductory Workshops - workshops in addition to information exposure, these workshops show participants the principles of accessibility linguistic and ethical and legal issues related to the field.

C.    Integration Workshops - Workshops that combine practical work and support in implementing the principles of linguistic accessibility for the information of the organization participating in the workshop. These workshops are tailored directly to the organization's daily content and service processes that can help teams in their daily work. Dedicated workshops can be set up for customers or professionals specific occupations so the content of the workshop will focus on issues of their daily routine.

D.    Follow-up Workshops - After several months of actual work according to the principles of linguistic accessibility this workshop focuses onlearning from successes, analyzing problems, construction of a model and work processes with the customer to maintain and develop a work model for the organization.

E.    Specialization Workshop for Authorized Access Professionals – to provide knowledge and tools focused on assessing the accessibility of information especially for people with cognitive disabilities to implement during their daily work as Authorized Access Professionals.