Accessibility of Information at Conventions

Are you planning a big event? Are you instigating a professional convention?

We're sure that everything is ready from the first to the last detail- – from the hall to the napkins.

One moment before it all begins, we suggest that you halt for a moment just to go over in your mind whether everything you have planned and created suits everyone who is likely to arrive at your event?

Will each and every person who has been invited be really able to participate, enjoy and get out what he needs from the event you have planned in an optimal way?

In a modicum of time, with plenty of good-will and just a little awareness you can guard yourself and prevent unpleasantness as well as situations where during the course of or after the event people will say: "I did not understand, I didn't hear, I didn't know, I didn't see…"

We are therefore happy to offer you a whole package that covers the subject of accessibility of Information.

Accessibility of Information is a compulsory requisite for all events and conventions as defined by the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities Law (1998).

It is our pleasure to offer you this accessibility package which takes into account all accessibility requirements regarding all information details relevant to the current event.

  • Accessibility of announcements advertising the event
  • Simplification and modification of means whereby the public can make contact and register to participate in the event including guidance to those responsible for providing the services so that they can be in direct contact with those who wish to register
  • Simplification and modification of information regarding ways of reaching the event
  • Designing a map so people will be able to locate the event and find their way around
  • Design of suitable signposts to be placed prior to and on the day of the event at prominent and accessible locations in order to help people to find their way around
  • Simplification of information detailing exhibits and stations
  • Summaries of lectures and visual programs presented in simple language and graphically designed to catch the eye
  • Training of those responsible for providing information on the day of the event so that they will be understood by all participants
  • Auditory accessibility (equipment and soundtrack) of the procedures taking place at the event
  • Any other relevant details that can assist in smooth running of the event

All of the above details should be accessible and suited to the requirements of all sectors of the public, and particularly of those with cognitive disabilities (disabilities of intellect, learning disabilities, mental health problems, language problems, spatial coordination and/or comprehension problems).

For additional information please contact us at the Institute for Cognitive Accessibility.