This handicapped-accessible site allows individuals with a range of disabilities to take advantage of the information and viewing experience it provides as do all other visitors to the site. The site’s structure, the way information is presented, and all components of the sites are structured so as to be accessible to individuals with disabilities.

The website of the Institute on Cognitive Accessibility serves as a model for how to make websites accessible to individuals with cognitive disabilities of various types. The means of accessibility appearing in the website make it simple to use and improve the user experience of all the site’s visitors.

Means of accessibility featured on the website:

a. Use of icons: Navigation within the home page and between different pages on the site is performed by clicking on simple icons that permit individuals with reading and writing difficulties to easily understand the content of each page.

b. Text simplification: Text simplification is included as one of the website’s language options (just as users may choose to view the site in English). Clicking on this button displays the information that appears on the main pages of the site in accordance with the requirements of text simplification specified by the service accessibility regulations.

c. Universal design: Simple overarching design of the website that eschews design elements likely to cause distraction or difficulty in finding or understanding primary content. Our site therefore contains no pop-up elements, complicated slogans, or heavily detailed sections. The whole structure is a simple one.

d. Display options: A choice of three different display options to assist individuals with visual impairments and learning disabilities. Options include:

  • Textual information only: display content as a document containing text with no design elements and with no color formatting or graphics.
  • Display website with blue background and yellow text.
  • Display website with black background and white text.

e. Text size: The size of text on the site can be increased to up to twice that of the original font. All website elements nevertheless continue to be displayed neatly and clearly.

f. Alternate text for graphics: In keeping with the goal of keeping the website’s design simple and including only the most important information, the site does not contains many graphics. Where we did choose to include graphics, individuals who have difficulty understanding what is shown in a graphic or are unable to see it due to visual impairment can press Alt to obtain a description of what is pictured in it.

g. Cursor location: During navigation of the website, the area where the cursor is located is illuminated in a color that allows the user to determine its precise location on the screen.

h. Narration software: The structure of the site and the way it presents information permit individuals who use narration software to listen to the information contained in the site as well as to understand the structure and context of this information.

The means of accessibility detailed above make the entire website AA-level accessibility compliant as defined by the international community of Internet standard developers (W3C). Some pages are AAA-level accessible, meeting the highest recognized standard of website accessibility.

We hope that these means of accessibility helped you navigate our site comfortably. If you have come across any accessibility issues or have suggestions for further improving the website, please let us know by clicking on “Contact Us” on our home page.

Declaration of accessibility prepared February 6, 2014